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Bruxism, or  #teeth grinding , affects about 10 to 15 percent of adults, a night guard can help pervent bruxism . This is an appliance typically worn while sleeping through the night. #bruxism #toothcare #dentalcare #night guard To book appointments call us 7338890009 Or visit us at
 Plaque develops bacteria that causes cavities when the acids from plaque attack teeth after eating.. Plaque that is not removed can also irritate the gums around your teeth, leading to gingivitis (red, swollen, bleeding gums), periodontal disease and tooth loss. #gingivitis #toothloss #toothcare #dentalcare Visit us at
 People with dental phobia often put off routine care for years or even decades. To avoid it, they'll put up with gum infections (periodontal disease), pain, or even broken and unsightly teeth. #dentalanxiety #dentalphobia #guminfection #dentalcare #protection Visit us at
Looking for an alternative orthodontic solution? Invisalign braces may be the smartest choice for you that offers an esthetic orthodontic treatment. Reach out to us by calling at 7338890009 or clicking on #teethcare #dentalcare #dentaltreatment
No more longing for your favorites, Just eat them all for we are here to take care of your dental health. Reach out to us by calling at 7338890009 or clicking on #teethcare #dentalcare #dentaltreatment